There’s nothing like saving money

helping out a friend. With our referral program, everybody wins.

More badges for less

Keep providing your customers with that same level of care, connection, and customer service - this time at a reduced cost.

Help out a friend


Not only are you providing your pal with an awesome deal, you’re introducing them to a tried and tested product that won’t disappoint.

Connect your community

By helping your friends connect better with their customers and employees, you ignite a spark of connection that will spread throughout your community. 

Everybody wins when you refer a friend

What’s better than 15% off your first order? 15% off for your friend's, too. Refer as many pals as you like and enjoy an exciting discount every time one of them makes their first purchase.

This is the referral program that keeps on giving. There’s no limit to the savings when you can suggest as many friends as you like.

Simply send us your details, their details, and voila, you’re done! Then you can sit back and relax while you wait for that promo code to roll in. It’s as easy as that.

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