Develop your skills in a forward-minded workplace that fosters growth, learning and opportunity. Join North America’s leading name badge supplier to shape your future and reach your full potential.

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Our culture

Imprint Plus' culture is guided by respect, transparency, and collaboration. We love lean processes, iterative improvements, and measure the success of each employee based on the unique value that they add to the company as a whole. Everyone’s contribution is essential to the flow and progression of our business, something we recognize on a daily basis.

We believe in the power of connection. By helping our customers build more meaningful relationships in the workplace, we bring everyone just a little bit closer. That’s why we cast a wide net across a multitude of locations, harnessing a global reach in order to create a worldwide network.

Our community is built around growth and innovation. We encourage each of our employees to mobilize their individual creativity and inspire each other to develop and evolve. By investing in our employees, we propel them to nourish our solution-oriented and design-forward culture.

Benefits of Working at Imprint Plus


Rewards & Recognition

We motivate our staff to achieve higher levels of performance and make the most out of their careers.

Inclusion & Diversity

We create and cultivate an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome. 

Learning & Growth

We provide access to ongoing learning programs that support our employees’ career paths. 


We believe that rested and happy employees are more productive. We offer personal paid holiday and vacation. 

Health & Wellness Benefits

We’re proud to offer extensive health and lifestyle benefits as well as an indoor gym with equipment. 

Life Event Programs

Our employees are cared for and appreciated. We offer sick pay plans and retirement plans. 

Work with us


We believe each professional brings his or her own unique set of skills, attributes, and experience to the job.

We are looking to bring on talented professionals with varied perspectives. We cultivate a working environment that inspires new ideas, promotes ownership and experimentation and supports highly-motivated individuals to be truly creative.

Are you interested in joining Imprint Plus' adventure? Find your opportunity here. Can’t find your ideal position? Don’t worry, follow our social media for regular updates on future placements in the company.

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